Friday, 11 November 2011

Album of the Week: Russian Circles - Empros

If I'm being honest, this new Rusian Circles LP, Empros, has been the only metal album I've properly enjoyed this year. In fact this is the first metal post on this blog. Empros, Chicago post-metal trio Russian Circles' fourth studio release is a 45 minute, six track titan of a record. There's a real sense of interplay between the three musicians, especially the rythm section of Brian Cook and Dave Turncrantz. As a result the loud and quiet moments (there are often several per track) sound equally dynamic and compelling, and at times adventurous and beautiful. A must for metal fans, as well as fans of post-rock and other instrumental music.

*Russian Circles - "Mlàdek"

 Empros by Russian Circles is out now via Sargeant House

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