Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Dan Snaith releases debut album under Daphni alias: JIAOLONG info and music video for "Ye Ye"

Best known for his work as Caribou (and Manitoba before that), Dan Snaith has used the Daphni name for a few singles and remixes over the past year, and will use it once again for a new album. JIAOLONG shares its name with Snaith's record label, and will collect a number of already-released tracks (as will pal Four Tet's new album Pink will), there will be enough new content to be worth looking forward to. JIAOLONG follows Snaith's influential 2010 album Swim (as Caribou) will first be released in Japan on 3rd October (via Hostess / JIAOLONG) before seeing a UK / EU / Austrailia date for the 8th October (JIAOLONG), and a day later in the US (9th October digital, 16th October 2LP / CD via Merge / JIAOLONG). Check out the album's tracklist, the JIAOLONG001 EP released last year, and a new music video for "Ye Ye", the first track released under Daphni originally on a split 12" with Four Tet:

1.Yes, I Know
2. Cos-Ber-Zam - Ne Noya (Daphni Mix)
3. Ye Ye
4. Light
5. Pairs
6. Ahora
7. Jiao
8. Springs
9. Long

Track all the info up to the release of JIAOLONG on the Upcoming Releases page.

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