Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Single of the Week: Death Grips - "No Love"

Unfortunately for me, there are no awards for predictability. Death Grips' second album of 2012, NO LOVE DEEP WEB was released by the band themselves yesterday so I've hardly had much time to decide a favourite track for certain yet, however as it stands "No Love" is a belter. In a way it signifies the best elements of the new album: the beat is much slower and sludgier than anything on the comparitively brisk The Money Store, and impossibly thick with bass. Zach Hill's drumming is unflashy and primal, providing only heavy support for the main driver of the track's momentum: MC Ride. Its hook stands out as one of Death Grips' best (a feat in itself), and Burnett's using his vocal range to immensely satisfying effect, but the lyrics of "No Love" could stand as the band's ultimate "fuck you" so far (if we ignore something large and pink for a moment). In light of recent label politics, Death Grips are at their most unapologetic here, and that can only be a good thing for those who fervently follow them.

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