Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Single of the Week: Pete Swanson - "Life Ends at 30"

After leaving seminal noise duo Yellow Swans, Pete Swanson has spent the last few years creating his own adventures in high distortion in the techno-tinged project under his own name. And although his solo output so far has been heavy in that department, the broken static textures of "Life Ends at 30", the 13-minute closing track to his upcoming Punk Authority EP looks to have overtaken his other works' previous nastiness. It's the ever-expanding rhythm section underpinning the track that keeps it grounded in the listener's ear; while the tone of the piece is exhillerating, it's these interlocking rhythms that are the real interest here. Be sure to adjust your headphones: 2013 is looking to be very menacing indeed.

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