Tuesday, 19 March 2013

DOUBLE Single of the Week: Ciara - "Body Party" and Mutya, Keisha & Siobhan - "Lay Down In Swimming Pools"

Okay, I'm having it both ways this week, but let me explain...

Both of my highlighted singles this week come delivered by known R&B songstresses, and both incorporate an element of remix to them. It was tough to choose between them, so I thought why not both? Also it makes a break from the Pete Swanson and the Knife coverage. The new Ciara single "Body Party" may sound more than a little familiar to fans of 90s R&B slow jams, as it reworks elements from the Ghost Town DJ's classic "My Boo". Producer Mike WiLL Made It slows it down even further with gorgeous synthesisers, taking out some of those rolling hi-hats in exchange for sparse finger-snaps and co-writer Future's Autotuned oohs. Meanwhile on our side of the pond emergent pop guru Dev Hynes has finished recording a new album for original Sugababes Mutya, Keisha & Siobhan, and apparently their idea of "having a bit of fun at the end of the last session" was to record a cover of Kendrick Lamar's "Swimming Pools (Drank)"! With both of these singles the stars are the singers themselves, each putting in excellent vocal performances worthy of their source material. Ciara's solo is both sexy and passionate, and MSK's strong harmonies pre-empt what will hopefully be a return to form for them.

Speaking of Kendrick, fans should look to my Culture Shock Mixcloud channel for a surprise in the next couple of days...

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