Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Single of the Week: Sophie - "Bipp"

This is one of those tracks that really shouldn't work. Numbers' new signing Sophie foregoes notions of taste and sensibility with the brilliantly goofy "Bipp", which comes across like Aqua for the post-millennial, post-ironic, post-everything (and post it now! Sorry) generation. There's an obvious dichotomy at play here; between the surprisingly beefy production and the near-ridiculous pitched-up female bubblegum vocal. Yet the song manages to avoid curling around its tail into gimmickry by feeling like a complete package, vocal and instrumental inseparable; produced so well it could even be said to echo Aphex Twin's more bizarre vocal experiments. That "Bipp" doesn't really find itself reaching for higher levels of intensity curiously works to its strength, giving the impression of instantly kicking off on its twisted plateau, screeching to a halt nigh on the pop standard time of three minutes.

Sophie's "Bipp" / "Elle" single is out now on Numbers. Purchase here.

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