Thursday, 4 July 2013

Single of the Week: Ellery James Roberts - "Kerou's Lament (犠牲)"

Somehow forgot to do this on Tuesday. Apologies.

The first solo track to be released from Ellery James Roberts, after disbanding his acclaimed group WU LYF last year following just one album, gives off a strong sense that the singer feels emancipated in a way rarely conveyed with such intensity. Borrowing from Lil B/Clams Casino's "I'm God" Roberts chooses his first singular musical statement to be one of world-beating anthemia. The gruff passion in his vocal delivery could easily be compared to that of Bruce Springsteen, punctuating mantras like "You fucked up this world but you won't fuck with me" with a individualised violence, as if speaking for a whole world of sufferers of greed and corruption. A truly singular vision. Perhaps it's time for the masses to sit up and pay attention.

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