Friday, 15 April 2011

Mini Review: Bibio - Mind Bokeh

Stream Bibio - Mind Bokeh here
Stephen Wilkinson may just be one of the most diverse and fun artists on the Warp label. On the latest Bibio LP Mind Bokeh Wilkinson serves up twelve completely different tracks, each oozing with their own personality and character, and the album is very portfolio-like in its range and presentation. Mind Bokeh is a credit to Wilkinson as both a producer and multi-instrumentalist, crafting every aspect single-handedly, and just because you don’t enjoy a particular track doesn’t mean you won’t find another. A number of these songs show real care, depth and beauty, be it the hazy start "Excuses", the soulful Dilla-like "Wake Up!", or gorgeous extended ending instrumental "Saint Christopher". This is likely to be a divisive album however. Due to the versatility of the tracks there is virtually no continuity between them. I also get the feeling that the more interesting shorter tracks could go on for longer (e.g. "Feminine Eye") and the longer ones are often too long ("Pretentious"). And there’s one track that stands out far even from this mixed bunch. I’ve heard a lot of negative comments about "Take Off Your Shirt" and I’m yet to make up my mind about it. Mind Bokeh can be jarring in places, but there’s plenty to enjoy nevertheless.

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