Sunday, 17 April 2011

Mini Review: Holy Ghost! - Holy Ghost!

Stream Holy Ghost! - Holy Ghost! here, and stream/download "Do It Again", and you can also stream/buy a few other Holy Ghost!-related things there too.
Stream/download "Wait and See" below.

Holy Ghost!’s debut sounds like a slice of vintage 80s heaven, as the duo incorporate disco, New Wave and synth pop into the ten track set, showing masterful knowledge and familiarity with the era. Aside from the production however the songwriting is rather mixed: many songs seem to miss the mark when it comes to memorable, catchy hooks. Though this certainly isn’t true for all the songs here, perhaps the biggest counterexample is the first track "Do It Again" with its slick New Wave feel, or the Wham!-like disco tune "Slow Motion". In fact there are many creditable moments on the album when they’re taken singularly, which is probably why the overall experience feels a little disappointing. Holy Ghost! will continue to create excellent singles (and be in high demand for quality remixes), and just because they haven’t totally mastered the long-playing album on their first try doesn’t mean we’re never going to enjoy another future release from these talented guys.

Holy Ghost! - Wait & See by DFA Records

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