Monday, 18 April 2011

Mini Review: Lil B - Illusions of Gradeur

Download Lil B - Illusions of Grandeur here

In a world where there is more music available than ever, Lil B finds his own ways of standing out. Calling himself "The Based God", showing his passion for cooking and releasing a phenomenal amount of mixtapes and videos are three of those, and as a result has become a real divisive figure in modern hip hop. His latest effort, the aptly titled Illusions of Grandeur starts promising but quickly it becomes apparent his Youtube persona isn’t entirely separate from his "serious" efforts, a defence many a loyal fan has argued. Though he covers a range of topics including drugs ("Cocaine Killer") and his upbringing ("Live Form Da Hood"), he doesn’t inspire the attentiveness he assumes, especially not across a whole mixtape. The beats are often strong however, and Lil B makes some good choices (from Kanye West to Toto), even if his rhymes don’t hold up so well.

This leads me to a mixtape by a producer called Clams Casino which has been getting noticed on a few blogs, and contains surprisingly beautiful instumentals of tracks by Lil B (including one of his biggest hits "I’m God"), Soulja Boy and others, which you can download here (and I would advise doing so).

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