Saturday, 16 April 2011

Mini Review: Panda Bear - Tomboy

Stream Panda Bear - Tomboy here
Download Panda Bear - "Last Night at the Jetty" here
Cult favourite Panda Bear (aka Animal Collective’s Noah Lennox) releases his new album Tomboy, the follow-up to 2007’s Person Pitch, one of the most celebrated records of the last decade, so naturally expectations are high here. Those who have been following the progress of this album up to it’s release will be aware of the singles released over several months, and all those singles and b-sides feature on Tomboy, though some with improved mixes. Aside from those singles there isn’t much left that hasn’t been heard before, only four new tracks are here, and if you‘ve not particularly enjoyed the songs before Tomboy you‘re not likely to change your mind because of them. Compared to Person Pitch the songs are much shorter and sparser. Many retain the sunny Beach Boys melodies such as the bouncy "Last Night at the Jetty", whereas others take a darker tone like the ominous title track. I wasn’t too keen on the finished album to begin with but it’s beginning to grow on me. It’s an insular, solitary experience and sounds unlike anything else out there, and in that respect it’s classic Panda Bear.

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