Saturday, 28 January 2012

Album of the Week: Chairlift - Something

Something may not be the most innovative album you hear this year, but Chairlift's second LP manages to find its own feet in the as-of-recent large crowd of indie music's 80's pop revivalist-sounding records. It's one of those albums that contains little to no weak songs; the singles "Amanaemonesia", "Sidewalk Safari", "Met Before" and "I Belong in Your Arms" stand strongly on their own, but there are arguably even better tracks found deeper into the album. The seasoned production team of Alan Moulder and Dan Carey ensure Something has one of the most important assets for an album of this nature: accessible, catchy indie-pop tunes that don't comromise on their lyrical content or attenion to detail. For someone who doesn't remember "Bruises" all that well, I may very well return to these songs throughout the year.

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