Friday, 20 January 2012

Album of the Week: Cloud Nothings - Attack on Memory

The second Cloud Nothings album can be called a successor to the band's self-titled debut in name only. By working together with legendary punk and hardcore 'engineer' Steve Albini, Dylan Baldi and crew completely overhauled their previously 'jangly' sound found on last year's Cloud Nothings in favour of a reverb-free 90's lo-fi indie aesthetic for Attack on Memory. In doing so they've created the first great album of 2012: during a 34 minute set Cloud Nothings wade their way through heavy, sludgy tracks ("No Sentiment", the Slint-like opener "No Future/No Past") and still make way for a few short poppier numbers along the way. Baldi's voice ranges between Rivers Cuomo and Kurt Cobain accordingly. All eight tracks feel immediate and catchy, and never come across as similar or repetitive. Stream the album and download three tracks below:

Cloud Nothings - *"No Future/No Past"
Cloud Nothings - *"Stay Useless"
Cloud Nothings - *"No Sentiment"

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