Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Single of the Week: Daniel Rossen - "Saint Nothing"

In March Daniel Rossen will release his debut solo EP Silent Hour / Golden Mile for Warp Records, which will surely be an appetising taster for the next full length album from his main band Grizzly Bear, the recording of which is reported to be underway.The first track to be released from the new EP is "Saint Nothing", a dark and meticulous piano ballad which combines the unique songwriting approach of Grizzly Bear's most recent records with the lo-fi recording style and adventurous soundscaping of Rossen's previous project, Department of Eagles. These elements give the track a quiet and intimate if unsettling feel: the horn-assisted undertones and Rossen's easily identifiable pale voice only coerce the listener deeper into its strange haven. A nice change of pace, and hopefully the whole EP and Grizzly Bear album bring more of the same in 2012.

Daniel Rossen - "Saint Nothing"

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