Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Single of the Week: Grimes - "Genesis"

A return to the status quo, Single of the Week is back every Tuesday from now on, and Album of the Week will start again from a week on Friday. 
There have been a number of great tracks released during this first week of 2012, but following the announcement that Montreal's Grimes will be releasing her new album Visions on 4AD "Genesis" is the track I haven't been able to stop playing. Looking back at the dark electro-pop project of Claire Boucher so far there have been a number of releases under the name Grimes already: 2010 saw two album releases on the Canadian label Arbutus, as well as a split EP with d'Eon released last year ("Vanessa" alone makes my Tracks of 2011 list obselete already). Following this trajectory Grimes's songwriting has become much clearer and immediate, so if "Genesis" and previously released track *"Oblivion" are anything to go by, Visions going to be a very rewarding listen. Very excited for this one.

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