Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Single of the Week: Matthew Dear - "Her Fantasy"

Matthew Dear makes a really deep and murky blend of house music, but his latest single also has a lot of colour and vivacity to it. With the amount of strange, bouncy vintage synths and weirdly sampled backing vocals, "Her Fantasy" coerces both the mind and the body right from the beginning. Dear's signature baritone vocals are also present, adding to the quirkiness of the track with lyrics about "receiving a damaging shock to [his] brain", which is how listeners undoubtedly react when the shoegazey rush reaches its climax. Matthew Dear's music has always had a playful edge to it, but this single and "Headcage" (both of which will appear on Dear's upcoming new record Beams) seem to take a closer step in that direction, but not too far from the darkness of his 2010 opus Black City.

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